Our Team

Quirin Graf Adelmann v.A, CEO
Graf Adelmann grew up in France and Germany but completed his legal training in 1993 in Berlin. He has worked at large organisations as well as SME's. Tri-lingual, he has been developing Real Estate projects and providing consulting services since 2007.

Aline Freiin von Godin
Working for IQ as an Asset Manager since 2015, Ms Freiin von Godin grew up in France and Spain and has a MBA in Economics. Previously, she worked for Telefonica in Munich and South America and is multi-lingual.

Henry Kettenburg
Mr. Kettenburg has been with IQ since its inception and is its technical director. He is responsible for all technical aspects of the project development process.

Jacobo Kywi
senior finance and economics
Mr. Kywi grew up in Latin America, was educated in the United States with a BA in Finance and Economics, and also has a Summa Cum Laude BA in Advertising Communication. His previous experience includes High Net Worth Portfolio Management, Private Equity Project Development and 360° Marketing and Advertising.

Joe Girling
Mr Girling studied mechanical and petrochemical engineering and has since been involved in these industries for over 10 years alongside running a UK based engineering business.  His business will partner with our own group businesses to allow an expansion into the UK.

James Harris
Mr. Harris joined in 2015 as a director and manages IQ's International division. Previously, he worked for Investment Banks such as Salomon Brothers and Citigroup where he covered Institutional Clients and Family offices. He has a BA in Finance and Economics and is multi-lingual.

Leonhard Iglowski
Mr. Iglowski studied economics and has previously spent 25 years working as an Economist for Dresdner Bank and Commerzbank. He joins in early 2016 and is responsible for economic and financial analysis.

Florian Löhlein
Director Partner Companies
Florian Löhlein earned his degree in European Business Administration at the University of Bamberg and Columbia, SC, USA. During the last decade he headed and restructured several clinics and increased shareholders´ values by bringing those companies into the digital age.

Matthias Kaminsky
Creative Director
is expert for interior design and world of event and experiences. He creates brands, campaigns and product worlds. His unadapted creativity, his innovative ideas and sense for exceptional productions are actually used by Adidas, Angela Merkel, Schalke 04, Microsoft or the IAA Frankfurt. Matthias Kaminsky also produced for Audi, BMW, Mini, die Zeit, ADAC, Samsung or the NRW-Bank.