Services Overview

Our wide range of services is the result of the professional competencies of our diverse team, our discretion, extensive contact network and individually tailored client solutions.

Investment Advisory

We help our client investment needs from a renovation, redevelopment or preparation for sale perspective.

  • Macro and Micro market analysis
  • Investment/viability review, technical and legal due diligence
  • Rent and purchase need analysis
  • Consulting in social impact questions of investments
  • Sales documentation
  • Creation and management of online data-rooms
  • Real-time, transparent communication and reporting for clients and projects
  • Personalised service

Private Equity

From time to time, we support our clients by acting as private equity investors; typically funding properties and projects with €1m and upwards of equity.

Agency and Transaction Services

We deliver on our client goals – which could be price or time sensitive – by using a focussed and direct marketing strategy individually created for each asset or project. While we aim to build as much demand as is reasonably possible, we also maintain transparency and equality for buyers, ensuring a fair and pleasurable process for both parties.

  • Tender process:
    • Identify goals: valuation and timeframe
    • Highly targeted selection process – client/network
    • Conditions of sale/purchase or term-sheets
    • Commercialisation stage: legal, technical or financial considerations
    • Indications of interest, negotiation stages
    • Completion: purchase contracts and delivery

Asset and Portfolio Services

Given our immersion in our focus markets, we can provide a range of effective services and tools to extract the most value out of your assets:

  • Macro | Micro market analysis
  • Legal and Technical due diligence on (re)development
  • Financing and debt expertise
  • Asset and portfolio valuations